Monday, 1 September 2008

Where have all the photos gone?

I've stopped posting my photos on my blog, they go straight to my feed now. It's just easier to post to and have the photos look reasonable. Sorry Google, but Picasa just isn't there yet!

Anyway, here's my feed: overwatering.

And here some recent sets of photos that I kind of liked. Follow the photos for larger sizes and the rest of the sets.

boatshed (side)

farm cove sunset

dinosaur orchid

I will post other links to some other photos I like in the future, but if you're interested, probably best to subscribe to my Flickr feed.


Adam said...

I like the picture of the tall building with the church in front on your flickr feed. Have you seen the pic with building and church on my blog? Great minds think alike. Although that's more of a compliment to me ;-)

I'm too lazy to get a Yahoo ID today so I'm commenting here :-)

Giles said...

Yeah, I saw that photo on your blog (I subscribe). Loved it. The Gherkin looks like some alien spaceship looming over the city. Very cool.

Adam said...

Have you looked at this version of your flickr feed.