Saturday, 9 February 2008


This mega-yacht, Apoise was moored in front of the Park Hyatt at Circular Quay over New Year's; they would have had a pretty good view of the fireworks.

Apoise is 67m long, which just pushes it out of the top 50 yachts in the world; the shortest yacht on that list is 72m. It's impossible to tell who owns Apoise. The owners are listed as some Cayman Island company called Apoise Holding, Pty Ltd. Which tells you nothing.


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Jody said...

Apoise is owned by a gent in Seattle / Tacoma that owns one of the largest commercial auction companies that sells distressed supplies and equipment (surplus). Great crew, as they raced / crewed on my boat C-27 in 2007. Their trips from last year were Russia, Japan, and then down under... One of the few mega yachts that I have encountered that the crew from Captain to what ever position were polished and socialable.