Monday, 3 September 2007

Original Policy

Has a century of compulsory voting and a decade of international neo-conservatism finally killed off the last vestiges of original thought in governmental policy? It certainly feels that way.

As Australia approaches a federal election both major parties are competing based almost exclusively on policies either of cutting taxes in some form or giving money away in some other form. Is there no other mechanism of directing society? Surely there must be.

Look at the first home buyers grant. Instead of just cutting the price of a home, how about some other means of encouraging saving that isn't giving away the beginning of bank account? Where is the inspirational leadership and original thinking that gave us the Industrial Relations Commission; the Truth and Reconciliation Commission; the Marshall Plan?

That's the sort of thing I'd like to vote for.

In my other world of software development, this 'just give money away' approach is known informally as Econ 101 Management; as in it follows an economic model informed by only an introductory understanding of macro-economics.

I'd like to hope that our elected leaders knew a little more. Now please go away and demonstrate that.


Mana said...

I blame the idiot voters who repeatedly voted this facist conservative government in over and over and over again.

The morons deserve what they get.

Signing off,
Over-it Damana
(who is so over voters blaming everyone else except those who put the gov there)

Giles said...

Yes, I agree that people consistently voted for a government who really did not have their best interests at hearts.

However, the Labor party has also completely failed to show any originality in their pre-election policy announcements...